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Owner and Inventor of 

NeverLossTrading ® and 

Author of the Book: “ My Stock Market Income  

and “ Your Trading Career as a Private Investor” 


His first introduction to trading came when he was 22 years old (more than 30 years ago). Over the years, he acquired a wealth of knowledge, how private investors can make money in the markets by focusing on constant income. The term NeverLossTrading does not promise that you never lose a trade it origins from the idea of repairing a trade instead of taking the stop loss and Never Stop Loss Trading was a bit lengthy.  


He trades by taking advantage of spotting and trading institutional price moves, minimizing risk and compounding interest.  


His aim is to make the world a better place by sharing knowledge and giving education. A very small group of people keeps the knowledge how to trade the financial markets and those who enter, without being well prepared, mostly donate their  money to those who know.  


NeverLossTrading ®  and are easy to follow, market proven trading and investing concepts he is sharing with you. 


Thomas is the author of two books and many publications:  


·        My Stock Market Income 

·        Your Trading Career as a Private Investor 


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