Traders World Online Expo #18
Nov - Dec 2016





Title: Current Positions for Top FOREX Markets


Description: In this webinar we will talk about the current positions and probable trend directions of the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CAD, AUD/USD and the USD/JPY.


Bio: While Jaime received a degree in Biochemistry/Cell Biology, he decided to pursue a career in trading/analysis. He had an opportunity he could not pass up to be trained by Guru and World Cup of Trading champion Robert Miner of Dynamic Traders Group. Jaime has been an active FOREX, Stock and ETF Trader since 2000 and the Chief Trade Strategist for Dynamic Traders Group since 2003. He has written numerous articles for top trading magazines and educational material teaching his analysis and trade strategies he uses in his reports and in his own trading.




Phone: 760-536-4171




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