Traders World Online Expo #18
Nov - Dec 2016




Rob Hanna
Co-Founder and Vice President of Research, InvestiQuant (iQ)  

Title of Presentation: InvestiQuant's Newest Research for Trading Opening Gaps 

After 10 years of profiting from fading the opening gap, InvestiQuant has uncovered new research that shows there are also opportune times to trade in the direction of an opening gap. In this presentation we will: 

·         Introduce the concept of “Gap Trading” 

·         Help you understand the basics of “Fading the Gap” 

·         Share helpful gap trading statistics 

·         Explain the logic for possible trade selection and management 

·         Wow you with some of IQ’s newest research for “Following the Gap” 

·         Show you some tools we have available 

·         Give you an opportunity to learn more 

Rob Hanna is InvestiQuant’s Co-Founder and Vice President of Research.  Rob graduated with a BS from Boston College in 1992 and has been a full-time market professional since 2001. He has served as president of Hanna Capital Management, LLC since that time. He first began publishing his market views and research in 2003. From 2003 to 2007, his column “Rob Hanna’s Putting It All Together” could be found twice a week on “Trading Markets.” In 2008, Rob began Quantifiable Edges, a web site delivering his trading strategies. In 2012, Rob opened his second website, Overnight Edges. Both web sites use historical analysis to assess current market action and odds. Rob utilizes price action, volume, breadth, sentiment, seasonality, liquidity flows and more to conduct his research. His work has been widely referenced and quoted over the years, and is often linked to in blogs, tweets, Stocktwits messages, magazine articles and more. Rob is widely acknowledged as one of the industry’s top overnight, swing, and quantitative trading researchers. 

In 2014, Overnight Edges merged with Master the Gap to become InvestiQuant Rob’s intellectual process and rigor ensure that IQ’s research is unparalleled. 

When Rob is not researching the market or trading he enjoys skiing, traveling, spending time with his family, and cheering on the Celtics.

Rob Hanna
Co-Founder and Vice President of Research, InvestiQuant (iQ) 

About InvestiQuant (iQ)
InvestiQuant is an innovative financial technology company that leverages the extraordinary advances in technology and decades of trading experience to help traders and investors achieve their financial goals. Our fully automated strategies enable clients to systematically capture short-term opportunities in alternative financial markets while maintaining
complete visibility, access and control of their capital.  Since 2008, iQ has empowered thousands of self-directed investors and traders from its headquarters in Cary, North Carolina. 

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