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The Faults, Flaws and Fallacies of Auto Trading Systems


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The topic of auto trading systems is a common one in books, articles and online trading forums and for good reason…most notably among intraday traders.  Many traders lack the time required for discretionary trading and a great many have lost so much money they no longer trust their own ability to make common sense decisions.  Whatever the reason, the idea of having your computer trade profitably for you is compelling.  There are a lot of myths about auto traders and traders should exercise extreme caution and skepticism when considering purchasing one.  This video approaches the subject of auto trading systems from more of a “hands on” approach that many traders really like.



Roger Felton is President of Felton Trading but better known as a professional trader and tireless personal mentor to any trader needing help.  He teaches a powerful and accurate system that is unlike anything traders have ever seen and he has created precision-coded software that crunches the data and gives traders everything they need to make consistently smart trading decisions.  Roger teaches with clarity and patience.  He communicates his boundless market knowledge in a manner that makes learning not only simple, but fun, too. 


Company: Felton Trading



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