Traders World Online Expo #18
Nov - Dec 2016




Traders World Online Expo #18


I am Larry Jacobs and I am going to explain how The Traders World Online Expo #18 is going to work. The Expo is going to be a prerecorded and presented in a month long expo.

Also at the end of the expo each video is going to be placed inside of a magazine. There is no cost to you and you will get the maximum exposure to thousands of potential customers. The magazine will be distributed via Youtube, Issuu and Magzter to thousands of readers. Here is a moch up design sample of the magazine just using videos from previous expos to show you how it will work. The published issue will also contain the author’s topic, description, his bio and picture.

Presentation videos are due by October 15th

1) Most attendees that signup get too busy and cannot attend or plainly just forget. Many get the emails about the webinar and the loose it in the email box.
2) Many have technical problems with their computers and cannot log in.coversm
3) Many are simply not interested in listening to an entire week of presentations. They do not have the time. Most of them also either work or trade the markets for a living.
4) Many belong to a trading chat room and do not want to leave that for a live expo.
5) Traders that listen are from around the world. Their time zones are different and do not work with our real-time online webinars.
6) In many live webinars the attendance very poor only 50 – 60 people.
7) So we have designed this new expo format to eliminate those problems.

Each speaker needs to prerecord his presentation using Camtasia or Screencastomatic. Camtasia is an excellent option but it is expensive. It is $300. Screencastomatic is an excellent option only $15 per year.

1) Go to: for Camtasia or go to for Screencastomatic. Use one of these two softwares to record your presentation, They are very easy to use.. You can create a much higher quality presentation than using go-to-webinar. You have the time to create a quality presentation with a script and quality graphics using power point. You can also if you want record a live chart demonstration.

2) The presentation needs to be recorded in High Resolution resolution 1280 x 720 so we can show it in HD quality resolution at the expo.

3) The amount of time of your presentation should be is 30-45 minutes.

4) You will need a USB mic and speakers or a USB headset to create your videos.

5) You can put a 5 minute promotion and your contact information at the end of the video for your product or service.

Send the video and information to us:
1) Please send the final video file to You can use this free
2) Also send your Bio
3) Send your Presentation Title
4) Description of Presentation
5) Picture of you.

Traders World Online Presentation Videos are in HD 1280 x 720 resolution
The Traders World Online Expo #18 will have presentations and will remain up permanently on the sites of Youtube, Issuu and Magzter  The combined exposure of both these services are in the thousands of readers.

Remember that you have the first 10 minutes to make an impression when the attendees first listened to your presentation. If you cannot get their attention they will shut the presentation off. You have no excuse using Camtasia or Screencastomatic to not produce a professional prerecorded presentation. Take your time to do it right. Also it is very important that you put your disclosure in at the beginning of the presentation to protect you legally.

Promotion of the expo by Traders World
We will send several email blasts to our Traders World customers about the expo.

Promotion of the expo by speakers in the Expo.
Please send out 1 or 2 email blast to tell your contacts that your are in this Traders World Online Expo issue after it is published with its link.

Be ready for the biggest Traders World Online Expo ever!

If you are interested in presenting at this expo please email me at: with your name, company and proposed presentation.


Larry Jacobs
Traders World

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